Omegle Alternative App - Free Strangers Random Chat Site

Welcome to the SpeedyCams random text chat that is similar to Omegle, but better! Obviously the first thing you will want to know is how could it possibly be better? Well, one of the most important and most needed things missing from Omegle, is the ability to both send and receive images from your chatting partner! If you meet that special girl or boy that you like, they obviously will want to see what you look like, and vice versa. Or, maybe you just want to provide illustrations for a topic you're talking about, whether it's a picture of you participating in your favorite sport or a picture of your favorite musician. There are really unlimited reasons you could possibly want to send or receive pictures, and so we wanted to make sure you could at least have the option to do it if you want to. This feature in itself should be enough to keep you coming back here time and time again rather than some other app without this extremely important capability!

So, there you have it, you've heard the key reason why we consider this to be the absolute best out of all the sites like Omegle for random text-only chatting. If you still don't agree, I suppose we might as well bring up the fact that we offer not just one but two other chat room options for you to choose from. We have both a typical Chatroulette-style 1-on-1 video chat service and a group chat room service. The 1-on-1 random cam chat option doesn't really need any further explanation, it's exactly what you usually would expect, no more or less. However, the other choice, the group chatting one, that one has some differences compared to what you might normally see with your typical old fashioned chat room. So, I guess I might as well get into it a bit.

Basically, with the "Group" page you have a typical chat room in the sense that everyone can see everybody who is in that room. However, the software itself that allows you to interact with the room, it has a lot of cool extra features beyond just sending text. First of all, everyone can stream themselves live on their own cams. That's big in itself, but then on top of that, a user can view multiple cams at the same time! This is great because a group of users can all view each others live video streams at the same time and actually talk to each other via their microphones too. This takes chatting to a whole new super entertaining and interactive level, which leads to lots of nonstop fun!

That pretty much covers why SpeedyCams is awesome, and I'm sure you must be convinced by now. Please don't forget to bookmark us and come back again, we could always use more support.